Tips for designing an outdoor living space to suit your exact lifestyle

These tips for designing an outdoor living space will help bing your outdoor space to life.

Often the space is too small to do all the things you like to do when spending time outside, like cooking, watching television or simply relax with family and friends. After the space is build there is very little can be done about the layout, flow and size of the area improved. Make sure to search reputable and quality companies to hire for the enhancements.

Take in consideration how many in the family to use the space, and how many friends will come over on a regular basis. Make sure there is enough room to furnish you outdoor living space. The improvements should have a harmonious flow with the existing home. Colors and textures are also a large part of a successful design, this should be established prior hiring a builder for the development. There are many excellent local builders to choose from, however there are some questionable companies out there as well. BBB, Google and references will give you a wealth of information about the company you are considering.

If you have an outdoor fireplace, which will be a cozy addition to the outdoor space, be sure you have room for comfortable chairs around it, to be able to enjoy the fire. Same goes if you decide to have an outdoor TV to watch your favorite shows. An outdoor fireplace makes your outdoor living space more enjoyable year around.

In addition to your comfortable seating, make sure you have room for an outdoor table and chairs to enjoy dinners with family and friends. Often, we see outdoor living spaces designed, not taking into consideration for furnishing and lifestyle of the homeowners who will be using the space.

If your space gets a lot of sun, you might want to consider a patio cover to shield you from sun, rain. A full shingled patio cover will give you year around protection from the elements.

An outdoor fireplace can be wood burning or natural gas. A gas log fireplace will be less cleaning in the long run than a wood burning one.

A well-designed space should be accommodating your specific needs. When taking bids for this project, the company should ask detailed questions about the way you will use your space and design the space according. You should always ask for a professional design along with a detailed estimate, making sure each item you are paying for, are listed as a line item. A good company should provide you with several references and insurance information for their company. It is always a good idea to get 3 estimates for your outdoor improvements. Checking references is also a good idea. In other words, protect your investment by checking if you are dealing with a top notch qualified builder.

Garrett Outdoor Living is the home for exquisite designs professionally installed, one stop design and build firm, making sure to create a space for your precise needs, whether you are entertaining, cooking or simply just relax in a shade.

We’re glad we could help you with tips for designing an outdoor living space, check out our other posts for more.

In our next post we will be talking about different areas about your outdoor living space planning. We will discuss all aspects of the outdoor improvements to help you make the right choice for you and your family.

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