Custom Outdoor Kitchens in Frisco, TX

kitchen in covered patio

Choose Garrett Outdoor Living for custom outdoor kitchens in Frisco, TX. As the crux of family interaction, the kitchen is the preferred place to enjoy a discussion of the day’s events. However, by extending it outside, you bring the joy of being together to the next level. With a custom-designed outdoor kitchen, you can still take part in the banter between family members but do so among the beauty and serenity of your own backyard.

Contact our experienced team today to get started on your outdoor kitchen design to bring the joys of a culinary space to your outdoor space.

World-Class Culinary Centers

Our outdoor living spaces are designed to bring people together in a very enjoyable, well designed outdoor environment. Outdoor Kitchens are no longer just for grilling steaks or brats but are now available with a line of appliances and hardware that permit you to create a world class Culinary Center.

Modern Features to Enhance Your Space

A built-in bar counter, bar top, or bistro table allows your family and friends to watch the chef at work, putting you right in the middle of a memorable, creative, and sensory experience, shared by all. Plus the food is great, too! Outdoor pizza ovens add to the ambiance, along with custom decks, patios, and fireplaces.


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Whether you build a simple grilling counter or a fully equipped, top-tier galley, the enjoyment of your outdoor kitchen will be significantly multiplied.

Outdoor kitchen on patio