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Ahh, the joys of lounging outside around the pool or in a comfy chair on your home’s patio or deck. The scents and sounds of the great outdoors, a cool breeze gently brushing by, warm sunshine washing over you—and the big game showing on a large-format TV screen. Not only is the scenario real, it’s real possible! more...
Garrett Outdoor Living Outdoor TV

Custom design, including the latest in high-tech audio and video, is moving outside beyond the cloister of walls that make up a home’s interior entertainment-galaxy to the open-air environs of the back patio and beyond.

Why limit your media intake to times spent within the cozy confines of a home’s protected interior? Garrett Outdoor Living designers are finding ways to adapt home theater-style audio and video—like big-screen, flat panel TVs, high-quality audio, even customized lighting and electronic landscaping effects—to areas exterior to the home, where wind and weather blow in free as a bird

Some of the practical possibilities: a multi-TV media wall at a swimming pool’s edge, a quality LCD TV within a garden wall, a semi-enclosed cabana equipped with a home theater, or an open-air sports bar complete with multiple HDTV satellite feeds of your favorite sports events.

Garrett Outdoor Living skilled designers can simply adapt that system beyond the back door. Weatherproof touch panels and water-resistant connection enclosures can give the homeowner access to all the digital goodies found anywhere else in the house—like satellite TV feeds, libraries of DVDs, collections of music, even custom lighting schemes—with a weatherproof touch of a button.

Protecting the physical gear, itself, against the stresses of the outdoors is a specific challenge, but one Garrett Outdoor Living can easily tackle.

Garrett Outdoor Living - Construction Office
1601 Valencia Dr., # 101, Plano, TX 75074
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